Shield 7 conducts Penetration Tests and Red Team exercises for companies of all sizes all over the world. Using a proven combination of Technology, Process, and People we are able to identify weaknesses in your Organizations Security. 


Our Penetration tests will simulate how an attacker will identify, target, and attempt to compromise your Organization. By understanding what's important to your company we can evaluate possible attack areas and how you can mitigate those attacks. You can find some of our Penetration Testing Models Below.

Black Box Test / Adversary Simulation 

In our Black Box Penetration Test we start with almost no knowledge of your organization. This is the truest simulation of an "attacker". We will identify your public facing infrastructure, public data, enumerate users, services, and all possible attack vectors. This can also include Social Engineering, Wired and Wireless Attacks, Web Applications, Custom Malware, and Bypassing of Existing Security Controls.

White Box Testing

Our White Box or Crystal Box tests are where we share information before and during the various phases of the test. This could be providing Shield 7 with diagrams, architecture, current security controls, and other related information during the testing. This is the best option for organizations that haven't had Black Box Testing recently, or want a more comprehensive view of their threat exposure. 

Vulnerability Assessment

If you are looking for a less intrusive option, then a Vulnerability Assessment might be the option to consider. This is not a Penetration Test, this is more of an overview of your external and internal security posture. This would be an option to consider if your organization has never had a third party Assessment or Penetration test in recent years.