Micro-Assessments and Why They’re Beneficial

Last year we started offering what we’ve come to call Micro-Assessments. This is a monthly or quarterly service that acts as a constant follow up to your last Vulnerability Assessment or Penetration Test.

Micro-Assessments fix one of the biggest problems with annual “check the box” Penetration Tests or Assessments. Usually when these large annual projects are finished organizations fix their low-hanging fruit, patch identified vulnerabilites and move on. The problem here is that you’re waiting until next year to see if your process and procedural improvements have positively affected your Security posture.

Through Micro-Assessments you can have more visibility into what is working and whats not, so you can properly prepare and make forward progress.

Micro-Assessment options

  • Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly External Vulnerability Scanning

  • Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Internal Vulnerability Scanning

  • Custom Web Application Scans on a scheduled basis

  • Endpoint configuration audits