Shield 7 Consulting has partnered with Fidelis CyberSecurity Solutions

Fidelis is the industry leader in the Network Forensics and Malware Detection realm for the enterprise. We believe that Fidelis offers a more targeted and flexible platform than any other vendor in the space currently.

Fidelis XPS Vector Features & Benefits

High malware detection rate with low false positives

  • Fidelis XPS' patented Deep Session Inspection technology exposes, extracts and analyzes malware hidden in a wide    range of network ports, protocols, applications and content types—giving you visibility over malware that’s invisible to other network-based malware detection systems.
  • High speed, multi-threaded malware detection stack can analyze hundreds of objects per second, so your threat protection can match the speed of your business.
  • Multi-stage malware detection stack uses static analysis, emulation and full virtual execution to identify malware—giving you the ability to detect known, customized, targeted, and zero-day malware.
  • Real-time blocking capability to cut-off previously observed malware and command-and-control communication. 


Low total cost of ownership

  • Plug and play installation
  • Automatic operation
  • Simple, easy-to-use administrative interface
  • Comprehensive, understandable reporting
  • Single appliance includes integratedmanagement console
  • Easily upgradable to other Fidelis XPS solutions for broad spectrum visibility and control across the entire threat life cycle

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