Shield 7’s Consulting CISO allows your organization to utilize our pool of experts to perform most of the tasks typically assigned to a Chief Information Security Officer. Our experts will integrate as members of your executive team to assist with the implementation and management of your Information Security, Risk Management, Compliance Assurance, and Data Privacy programs.   

The Consulting CISO provides flexibilty to your organization in obtaining help in all, or some specific, areas of your Information Security program. These areas include contingency planning, risk and vulnerability management, incident response, etc.  In doing so, you gain immediate expertise in areas where knowledge gaps exist. Through the this program, you are not just hiring a single professional; instead, you gain immediate access to an experienced team of Security leaders with broad sets of knowledge, experience and expertise in the area of information security, legal and regulatory compliance and IT Governance.   
Working directly with you, our experts will help your organization achieve its goals with greater levels of efficiency. Shield 7 experts have been offering services like this to our customer base for many years, and our expertise, professionalism, and guidance will ensure only the highest quality standards are implemented throughout your organization.